Colorful Art in January

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Our January Artist of the Month is local artist Rinse de Koning. Rinse's work can be seen on the Art Wall next to the New Books shelves.

About the artist:

Rinse Jan de Koning was born in The Hague, The Netherlands (also known as Holland) in 1941. He was educated through the Montessori system and then attended the College of Hotel-Restaurant Management there. He emigrated to the United States in 1965 and first made his home in San Diego, California.

After spending his working years as an Executive Chef and Restaurant Owner in San Diego and in Colorado, he retired to Oregon to be closer to family.

When an opportunity arose to move back to Holland for a couple of years and study visual arts, he took it. He had painted off and on through the years and was always attracted to the arts. After staying there for seven years, he returned to Oregon where he paints and builds on his every-growing collection.

His images focus on the colors, the shapes and the emotions -- they are not abstract, but a combination of "natural" and "impression." A painting is a world of color and peace with a composition that is uncomplicated but forceful through his choice of color, where it enters a hypnotic paradise -- a story of its own.

Thank You OrePac & Xerox

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OrePac Building Product's recent donation of $5,000 for technology improvements and Xerox's donation of $5,000 for the endowment fund will help the library thrive.

The continued support from these local businesses of the Wilsonville Public Library Foundation makes a heartfelt and positive impact on our community.


Have you read "All the Light We Cannot See"?

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This novel by Anthony Doerr was the selection for the 2015 Lake Oswego Reads program. Local artists created works themed on the book. You can see their interpretations on the Wilsonville Public Library's art wall during the month of November.


June Artist at the Library

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Our June Artist of the Month is local photographer Michael Strubel. Michael's work can be seen on the Art Wall next to the New Books shelves.

Here he is in his own words:

I began taking pictures in the 60’s in Vietnam. I was drawn to the people, how their faces reflected their hearts. Though it was too painful for me to keep those photos I did keep a fascination with seeing and saving the beauty of the world and its people.

Landscapes and people are my current focus. Traveling to far places and seeking out the perfect moment when the light shows nature at its most vibrant fascinates me. It also excites me to capture the emotions of people from cultures very different from ours. Their eyes, their smiles, their joy in the simple pleasures of life speak to me of the universal human connection.

Through my lens I am enthralled with the world. My camera enables me to capture some of the small miracles life on this planet offers us and to hopefully enhance others’ appreciation of them.

20% of art sales benefit the Wilsonville Public Library Foundation.

Word & Hand

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Our May Artist of the Month is the Word and Hand Project. It is a collaborative process between Wilsonville High School students and Catlin Gabel High School students.

Eight artists are paired with eight writers. They send their work back and forth, communicating only via the creative process. Each person keeps a journal, recording their thoughts, ideas, and questions. The pairs only meet at the end of the process. The Word and Hand Project is a very creative way to combine the art of words with the art of color, paint, ink, and collage.

You might want to take your time exploring the examples of this amazing project.

Exhibits are on the Art Wall and on panels in the fiction reading area. There will be a reception on Sunday, May 17, from 4-7 pm in the library.

Five New Names

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The Wilsonville Public Library Foundation is recognizing five donors who qualified to have their names added to the Donor Wall inside the the Library vestibule. These donors gave $1,000 or more in 2014. We are grateful for their very generous support.

You can contribute to the Library Foundation by buying a brick in a loved one's name for $100; donate $1,000 in one calendar year and you can be added to the Donor Wall Board. We gladly accept donations of any amount to help our library thrive.