Charlie Hyman Photography in March


Here is what Charlie Hyman says about his work and "Finding the Positive":

Photography is much more for me than just finding interesting things to capture in digital images.  It is a way of seeing what’s around me, of looking for beauty in the natural world.  With or without my camera, I notice more and pay closer attention to my surroundings, to the weather, and to contrasts in light, shapes, and subjects because of my interest in photography.


We live in a spectacularly beautiful part of the world and I feel fortunate enough to be able to explore it often.  When I photograph wild places, I hope my pictures inspire others to seek beauty in the natural world and to want to visit and preserve it.

Most of all, my photography helps me to look for the good in the world and bring it to light.  In the wilderness or in my own back yard, I can always find something good around me.  Beauty is truly in the lens of the beholder!


Come look at Charlie's photographs at the Wilsonville Public Library in March. They are available for purchase.