December Artist of the Month

Lisa Nead is back with her photography. Come look at her prints on the Library's art wall. All of the prints are for sale. Prices range from $64 - $299.

Lisa says

"Whenever I travel to a destination with the specific intention to photograph, I am never sure what images I will end up with but I am certain I will enjoy the process. It is where both the challenge and the reward happen for me. Being in the right place at the right time with the added component of what some may call luck, but I like to call magic, is what makes the experience so rewarding for me; the bee lands on the flower right in front of me, the storm clouds part for just long enough to cast a delicate light across the countryside, a couple stands hand in hand silhouetted in front of an orange sunset. To have this “magic” happen I must be patient and simply allow the image to unfold before me. This is the part I love most about capturing a photograph."

Did you know that 20% of each sale go to the Wilsonville Public Library Foundation? We use the money to support the programs listed on our What We Do page. As always, we thank you wholeheartedly for your support of our fantastic Library.