Summer Reading Program

Summer Reading off to a great start and the Foundation steps in to broaden its impact.

Summer Reading is off to a great start. Even though it's not strictly a Foundation initiative, we all can celebrate when 1,750 kids sign up to read 20 minutes per day for 20 days over the summer. Programs have been packed as well, with over 900 attending Preschool Stories and Science, Babytime or Toddler Time, or our Thursday Fun Show the first week. It is so important to keep kids reading over the summer so that they don't lose any of the hard won reading gains from the previous school year.

This year, with the Foundation's support, the Library is able to partner with Autumn Park Apartments to provide a summer reading program targeted directly to the low income residents who live in these apartments. We have also purchased a small circulating collection for the kids. We hope this is the beginning of a long relationship with the good folks at Autumn Park to work together to positively impact the lives of their residents.