Summertime is for exploring Science

"Science Adventure" continues to be a big part of our summer programs for kids. Several hundred kids will earn a cool science prize by completing at least ten "science explorations" over the summer. Everyone who signs up receives a forty-page Science Guidebook to help with ideas for activities. Weekly prize drawings offer kids a chance to win two free day passes to OMSI, generously donated by the museum. Free science classes for school age kids take place from July 31 through August 8, with sign-ups beginning July 15th. Other summer science components include a week of hands-on activities from Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum, "tabletop science" stations in the Children's Room, and a worm farm at the Children's Reference Desk. Our summer of science culminates with a "Science Celebration" presented by Mad Science on August 8th.

Comment from a mother: "I'm so glad you do science. I notice my daughter actually says things like: '...that's because hot air rises,' which is something we learned in Stories and Science program."